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Are you behind on your car payments? The Chicago lawyers at Westside Law Firm can help you keep your car in your hands.

How Repossession Works

When people buy something significant, like a car, they typically finance the car with a loan. If the individual can no longer pay their monthly installments, Illinois repossession law dictates the lender can repossess the vehicle.

How We Help

If you believe you are not able to make your car payments and are at risk of having your car or other belongings repossessed, you are able to to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. At Westside Law Firm, we are able to help you file for bankruptcy that will automatically stop any creditors from seizing your property. If your car has already been repossessed, but the creditor has not sold the asset, we can get it back.

We are here to help walk you through the complexities of the law and making sure you walk away with the best possible outcome. At Westside Law Firm, we care about you.

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