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Parking Tickets

Have you lost your license because of unpaid parking tickets or has your car been impounded because of unpaid parking tickets? The attorneys at Westside Law Firm can help!

Get Your License Back

When you’ve lost your driver’s license, it can be hard to make the most basic of ends meet. Let us help you get your license back, deal with the debt, and get your life back on track. Dealing with parking in Chicago is hard enough already – leave the complexities of your tickets to us!

parking tickets chicago

chicago parking tickets

How We Help

Westside Law Firm can help you find the best ways for you to move forward and get your license back or car out of the pound. There are numerous ways to go about solving your parking ticket issues.

For some, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the answer, but every case is different. At Westside Law Firm, we make sure the decision you come to in the end is the best one for your personal situation.

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